Sustainable Living Expo

On Saturday March 29th, I attended the Sustainable Living Expo at Middlebury Union High School in Middlebury, VT. I was interested in expanding my knowledge about sustainable practices that I can do everyday and how people are implementing these ideas in a community setting. The expo included exhibits, workshops, and samples of various foods. There were hundreds of booths set up throughout the middle school, with topics ranging from green energy to sustainable farming. There were people selling environmental books, and many of the tables were offering reduced prices on CSAs and other products.

I really enjoyed the Sustainable Living Expo and found it very interesting to talk to people who practice homesteading and sustainable living everyday. Not only did I get to sample some amazing food, I also got to learn about how that food was made and talk to the people who made it. It was inspiring to see how passionate people were about living sustainably. I also learned a lot about green energy, and talked to people about how to apply these various sustainable ideas to entire communities.

A major emphasis of the Sustainable Living Expo was on food, which I thought was very related to Eco Villages, since eating local and organic food is a key to living sustainably. Many booths that were set up were focused on farming and gardening and how to do both of those things sustainably. I talked to a variety of people who were focused on food, but their overall message was that knowing where your food comes from is essential to living a sustainable life. Through going to the Sustainable Living Expo, I learned how central food is to community and how important it is to eat sustainably everyday. I also learned that food is often overlooked because it is such a big part of our everyday lives, but it is also for that same reason that it is so central to any society. Food is essential part of Eco Villages, since it is such a fundamental part of any community.

The information I learned was particularly interesting because it was all very useful when thinking about Eco Villages. The primary focus of an Eco Village is to live in a sustainable way while also supporting your community members to do the same. Therefore, the Sustainable Living Expo was extremely useful when trying to understand how an Eco Village works. Being environmentally friendly within a community setting is about both personal responsibility and community support. Overall, I really enjoyed the Sustainable Living Expo and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Eco Villages or just living an environmentally friendly way.