Group Narrative

Through collaboration, we are working to research intentional living and eco-villages on both local and global scales. We not only plan to view eco-villages within a wide lens, but strive to delve into specific subcategories within the larger picture. Food, waste, housing, and community organization represent just a few subtopics explored within our blog. The intent of our research is to create a living space that will display and comment on the discoveries we make regarding eco-villages, providing in-depth analysis of such communities relevant to understanding this model of sustainable community development.


IMG_6133Samantha Frawley is  junior at the University of Vermont pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geology. Among her academic interests include the earth sciences, natural history, and the cryosphere. Samantha also has a strong interest in farming, and currently cares for and milks cows for a research study associated with the school’s Animal Science Department. Her exploration of eco-villages is partially fueled by her interest in sustainable food systems and homesteading.  After graduation, though she would like to continue working with dairy animals, she hopes to attend graduate school in order to receive a Masters in teaching that will enable her to teach environmental & earth science at the secondary level.


DSC_0245 - Version 2Amelie Rey
is a sophomore at the University of Vermont studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Human Ecology and Environmental Communication. She was born in France and then moved to Massachusetts before attending UVM. Amelie loves being outdoors and enjoys hiking, skiing, and doing yoga. Last summer, Amelie completed a program at the Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, VT, which is a contemplative ecology center that practices farming and homesteading. Her time at Metta Earth has made Amelie extremely passionate about sustainable living, and she hopes to further explore this passion through learning and blogging about eco-villages.



IMG_6027David Jaeger is a sophomore at the University of Vermont and is majoring in Environmental Science.   Although born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he split his time growing up in different locations, first in New York, then in State College, Pennsylvania.  David is interested in ecovillages because as an environmentally conscious person, he cares about his impact on the natural world.  He fell in love with the outdoors as a child when his parents would first bring him hiking, then when he would explore forests with his childhood friends.  Today a lot of David’s favorite activities take place outdoors such as hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, and golf.  The more he can learn about ecovillage living, the better he will be able to live a sustainable life.


ecovillage todTod Brackett is a sophomore at the University of Vermont who is studying Parks, Tourism, and Recreation under the guidance of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.  He is from a small town called Weston, MA and he enjoys spending time in the outdoors as much as possible. Ever since his embarkment on a journey with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in the Wind River Mountain Range of Wyoming, Tod has taken an interest in conservative and sustainable living.  A life full of hiking, canoeing, skiing, fishing, and biking in the outdoors has set Tod up with the desire to learn and teach about sustainable practices.  Ecovillages have the potential to serve as a foundation for sustainability and it is Tod’s goal to provide you with this critical information!


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