Ecovillages Around the World

Here is a really awesome article about ten beautiful ecovillages around the world. Some of these we have written about in more detail (see below), but if you are interested in exploring ecovillages or just looking at beautiful pictures of ecovillages, this article is for you! Although they all differ, they have the common theme of caring about sustainability and community.

Some ecovillages are based around specific themes, such as yoga or art, yet some are simply based around gardening or permaculture. I would definitely recommend reading this article, it sparks my interest to travel the world and meet people who are also interested in sustainable living. Enjoy!

Below are a few pictures from the article, but in order to fully explore the ecovillages in all their beauty, I would recommend reading the whole article and looking through all the pictures:






Ecosalon. “Eco Villages and Beyond: 10 Communities Across the World – Ecorazzi.”¬†Ecorazzi. Ecorazzi, 19 May 2012. Web. 26 Apr. 2014.


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