Peak Moment Online Video Series

Hey ecovillage lovers! Check out this awesome online video series based around the problem of peak oil and the solutions different people are coming up with across the country to lead a more sustainable life. The idea of this web series is to educate people on various possibilities and ideas for low impact living.

I chose to share this video because of a few common themes I was able to extract that I feel like hold a lot of weight in the issue at hand. To introduce the video, the woman in the purple states that “ecovillages are like research labs, socially and culturally, ecologically and economically, for what our culture will need to grow more towards in the future.” This is a key point and certainly one that resonates with people like you an me who ideally are learning to live more simplistic lifestyles. It is the over consumption of things, things and more things that has launched our natural world into an increasingly more fragile state. In turn, opportunities for low impact living are starting to become more popular as they absolutely need to be.

So I invite you to explore the Peak Moment videos for an impressive array of ideas people have put to inspiring use in their own living situations. With everything from technically complicated Geodesic Greenhouse domes at high altitudes for year round plant growth to simple garden shares amongst neighborhoods, this series will certainly keep you coming back for more. Check out the ecovillage directory suggested in the video ( to find an area near you to perhaps become involved in. It’s time to do everything we can to live more sustainably, and FAST!

Thanks for reading!


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