Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village: Cameroon, Africa



“Together we share our knowledge to create the future for a better world”

In Cameroon, Africa, people have joined together to start planning an ecovillage that will hopefully be established by 2020. The ecovillage would be located on a five acre plot of land in Bafut, Cameroon. Currently, the ecovillage is still in its preliminary stages and is being planned by community members along with an organization called Better World Cameroon.

The ecovillage will consist of a few simple buildings, including a dining hall, a learning center, and an eco-lodge. Community members recently built a composting toilet on the land, which will serve as a preliminary step to a hopefully thriving community. The emphasis in the ecovillage will be placed on caring for each other and the land and creating an inclusive community.

The ecovillage members have many amazing ideas for the future of their land. They want to use the power of their ecovillage to reconnect people to their roots. This focus will be particularly on young people, who have started to view farming in a negative lens. The ecovillage members believe that young people need to be reminded of the benefits and beauty of farming, and have confidence that their ecovillage can accomplish this. Some other positive benefits of an ecovillage in Bafut would be to promote ecotourism in the area, to stop the deforestation that is currently happening throughout Cameroon, and to manage environmental resources. The ecovillage will also have a strong emphasis on education, and will teach people about the issues above as well as solutions such as permaculture and community. Another extremely important problem that the ecovillage will attempt to address is the issue of food sovereignty. The members of the ecovillage believe that Cameroonians have lost their ability to be food secure, and will try to regain food sovereignty while educating people about this very important issue.

I believe that this ecovillage plan is not only important, but truly inspirational. The Ndanifor ecovillage demonstrates that permaculture can be done anywhere and that it is a universal concept.


















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(photos taken from above website)



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