A Tiny House EcoVillage for the Homeless

A Tiny House EcoVillage for the Homeless

I just came across a pretty neat article posted yesterday by Christine Walsh about plans for a new ecovillage area as an alternate living space for the homeless people in the Quixote Village of Olympia, WA.  The area before renovations was a tent site for the homeless and thanks to Washington’s Youthbuild Program and Alternative Energy Program, the Tiny House Ecovillage is under construction.

Olympia Ecovillage planThe plans for this ecovillage really caught my eye when reading this article.  With housing units being built at less than $5,000, and communal dining/bathing areas, this plan is economically sustainable.  On top of this, the plan is aesthetically pleasing with a flowing feel among the slightly curving walkways centered around an inviting BBQ shelter and designed so no living unit is too far away from any of the different facilities.  This plan is progressive.  This plan converts an ocean of filth and litter into a beautifully sustainable living space, acting to turn around the often broken lives of its homeless inhabitants.  This plan provides for these people the chance to learn about communal living.  It provides for them the chance to work for their food by growing vegetables when seasons allow, and sharing facilities to use less resources.  This plan helps the people, the community as a whole, and the environment.


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